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To all my white friends, family and followers.

Please take the time to read this. It is with a heavy heart that I’m writing up this blog post. I’m sure everyone is aware of the recent tragedies. I would’ve hoped in the time we are now, that the black community would NOT have to still fight this battle, but here we are in 2020 still trying to stand for anti-racism. The past week I’ve been educating myself on how to help raise the voices of the black community. I’ve spoken with a few of my black friends to understand better, to learn more.

I haven’t been vocal about racism as much as I would’ve liked in fear of saying something wrong, the fact that I’m speaking my opinion now doesn’t mean that I know everything. I’m still educating myself daily, and if I say something you don’t agree with please message me, let’s have a chat about it!

Racism is so much bigger than hate, it’s so complex and I understand that it’s a delicate matter and for most of us (including myself) it’s a very uncomfortable subject to talk about.

It’s not enough saying you’re not racist. Racism is a powerful system we were born into, we have to stand for ANTI-RACISM!

“It’s up to all of us — Black, white, everyone — no matter how well-meaning we think we might be, to do the honest uncomfortable work of rooting it out. It starts with self-examination and listening to those whose lives are different from our own.” words by Michelle Obama.

I’ve been watching tones of videos and I’ve been reading endless articles and I’m still doing so on a daily basis because there’s so much we need to educate ourselves on.

Further down, I’ve linked all the videos and everything I read that I really found useful and hopefully they will be of good use to you too. Honestly there’s so much information out there to educate yourselves on that I couldn’t possibly link everything, but these links were a good start for me. Please take the time to read and listen to as much as you can if you haven’t already done so.

Share the content of black creators, bloggers, artists, let their voices be heard. It is so important that we as white people, use our privilege to help the black community,


Your contributions and sharing information and resources are invaluable.

Your voice is invaluable.

BUT the work also happens offline. It happens in your home. Where it cant be documented or reposted. Social media has instilled a dangerous concept into our way of thinking “if you didn’t share it, did it even happen”. It is not a contest. Who can share the most. Who is doing the most.

Only you know the work you are doing. The good you are putting into the world.

Only you know if you are really having the difficult, uncomfortable conversations. If you are really reading that book you shared or supporting that business. The ongoing education of your children. Re-educating the older generations. Giving the resources and support in the real world.Showing up each day to do better. Continued learning. Continued listening. Continued respect.

It’s not a weekly trend.

It’s the rest of your life.

Allyship is not a one week performance act. It’s a lifetime commitment to educating yourself, listening to constructive criticism, learning from your mistakes, doing your research, and staying aware.

If you can’t donate but still want to show support, there’s other ways. You can shop from black businesses. Stream black music. Support black art. Money is not the only way.

Because after all, “in a world where you can be anything, be kind”.

To my white friends; let's keep educating ourselves, donating, learning, speaking, reading, listening.

“Privilege is when you think something is not a problem because you aren’t affected personally.”

So let’s use that for good.

Videos I’ve watched that helped me:

-- “Dear white people, so you want to be an ally?” -

-- “A speach by Nina Simone” -

-- “A speach by Rihanna -

-- “What they aren’t telling you about us.” -

-- “How can I instils purpose in my privilege?” -

-- “A speech by Brittany Packnett Cunningham” -

-- “Racism & Supporting the Black Community” -

-- “Answering your questions: A video for white people” -

-- “What are you quick to do?” -

-- “What white people must know” -

How to’s:

-- “How to respond to common racist statements” -

-- “What To Say When You Don’t Know What To Say” -

-- “How can I help from Europe?” -

-- “Offline participation” -

-- “How we can REALLY defeat the issue of systemic racism once and for all.” -

Other useful resources:

-- “Ways to help / Petitions To Sign” -

-- “A Letter To My White Friends” -

-- “Michelle Obama speaks out” -

-- “Listen and amplify” -

-- “What can I do today on the path to antiracism?” -

-- “75 Ways You Can Help” -

-- “40 ways you can help right now” -

-- “Why Don’t All lives matter?” -

-- “We tend to go through this same cycle…” -

-- “5 Series to watch on Netflix” -

-- If you want to read -

Supporting the black community:

-- Black-Hosted Podcasts -

-- Black Influencers -

-- Black-Owned Small Businesses -

Love, Kristine xx

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