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Vegan & Lifestyle Channels

If you’re anything like me, one of your guilty pleasures is watching a selection of videos from your favourite YoutTube channels, especially after a long day at work. At the same time, YouTube videos can also be great learning tools, and no topic better exemplifies this than veganism. Plant-based YouTube videos, are the best way to learn about new happenings in the cruelty-free world because you’re getting information straight from fellow vegans. Whether you’re a fellow vegan, or are new to veganism or just enjoy having a vegan meal every so often, here are five of my personal favourite YouTube channels that keep me entertained throughout the day… and, sometimes, the night. (Side not, I've linked all the channels to make it easier for you to find if you're interested.)

1. Ellen Fisher

Ellen Fisher, is a loving mother of four raising her children in Hawaii with her husband, Andrew. She’s deeply passionate about living a HEALTHY PLANT-BASED LIFESTYLE, homeschooling the children, gardening, ethical veganism, and sustainability. Ellen shares her love of healthy plant food, gentle parenting and her simple island life! Let me just say that her YouTube channel is at the top of my list, just because her videos are easy to watch, her kids are the absolute cutest and filled with so much happiness, plus all her videos are just so aesthetically pleasing to watch!

2. Tess Begg

Passionate vegan, foodie & fitness enthusiast from Australia! Definitely subscribe to her channel if you’re interested in vegan recipes, Workouts, “day in the life” vlogs, & over 100 “what I eat in a day” videos.

3. Hana Grace

So I’ve recently stumbled upon this channel and I must say I am kind of obsessed already! Hana makes videos of her favourite vegan recipes, “what I eat in a day/week”, & sustainable/ zero waste lifestyle. This is another VERY aesthetically pleasing channel!

4. Shine With Plants

Another recently discovered channel. Fabiola is a young mom based in Chicago. This channel is all about sharing her journey to spread awareness of the plant-based lifestyle! Also their family is adorable!


OKAY! So BOSH.TV is the world’s most viewed and most loved plant based and vegan recipe channel. They provide you with simple recipes. Amazing results. All plants. Definitely recommend this channel if you need some inspiration.

I’m going to step away from YouTube for a second to give a shoutout to two of my favourite vegan INSTAGRAM accounts, that I think you HAVE to go follow. Both very informative and helpful in their own unique ways.

1. @tinymisschilly (follow for mouth watering recipes)

2. (follow for nutrition tips and science facts)

All this aside, I couldn’t go without mentioning my favourite lifestyle channels.

1. Sarah’s Day

2. The ACE Family

3. Colleen Vlogs

4. IntheFrow


5. Emilia Shieli (something very exciting! Emilia JUST launched her new YouTube channel the other day so please go give her some love and press that subscribe button! She’s got loads of fun videos coming up and I promise you you’re in for a treat.)

This brings me to the end of my blog, so if you enjoyed it or found it useful click the little heart (like button) below, or even share it with your friends too, if you fancy.

I would love to hear what you favourite channels to watch are!

Love, Kristine xx

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