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Seasonal Bucket List - SUMMER 2020


OKAY, before I get into the blog post I need to explain myself first. If you have followed my new journey as a blogger, you probably realised that I haven’t posted a new blog for the last two Sundays.

With everything going on from me coming back home from the UK, being in quarantine for two weeks, and finally seeing my parents again after what felt like an eternity, I haven’t been very productive. I’ve been slacking a lot and been pushing writing a new post for days!

From the day I came back home it hasn’t really been the same due to COVID-19, in Cyprus (where I live) we were allowed to go out the house 3 times a day (that was either for medical reasons, exercise or food shopping), and we could only do that by sending a text and waiting for it to get approved before stepping out of the house. I was lucky enough to only go through this for a few days, whereas my family had that for two whole months and at first they were only allowed to go out once a day. The Cyprus government has now lifted the restrictions. Bars and different shops (with the exception of shopping centres) are now open again, we can move around freely, and we also don’t have a curfew anymore. Saying all this, we still have to be careful and keep at a safe distance.

Obviously I’m not trying to use all this as an excuse for not writing, but I wanted to take the time to see my friends again and really just enjoy my time back home, and let go of any stress or anxiety that I was holding on to.

All this aside, I’m finally back on track and ready to write more blog posts, and to be completely honest I didn’t realise how much I’ve missed writing until now (I literally can’t type fast enough with all these thoughts in my mind).

So, to the point, I know this Summer will probably not be anything like any other summer, but I still wanted to write down things that I’d like to do by the end of this season (and then maybe even make a blog post about it, with probably too many sunset pictures, because I’m a sucker for a sunset).


(check out the pictures from previous summers bellow)

  • Road Trips

  • BBQ night

  • Girls night

  • Get a tan (already working on this but is it just me or does having a tan make everything much better? 😂)

  • Explore different beaches

  • Spent time with friends and family

  • Beach party (I’m not talking about the crazy beach parties with lots of people, because lets face it that’s probably not gonna be a thing this summer, but I’m talking about getting my friends together and having some drinks at the beach and just have a chill time)

  • Pool party (again small gathering of friends)

  • Sunsets at the beach

  • Go to a beach bar

  • Wine tasting with friends

  • Boat trip

The best part about a bucket list is that you can make it your own. I’ve given you a few ideas of things to do this summer. Pick and choose from the list of my “Summer Bucket List Ideas” and create one that will be perfect for you. Make this summer a good one, even if you might have thought it wouldn’t be a great one, it’s up to you to make the most of what you’ve got. Become a traveler in your town and explore places you’ve always wanted to visit but always took for granted because you live there (trust me I’ve done that, I took my beautiful island for granted for so many years and didn’t even realise I was living in an actual paradise).

With all that said, ENJOY YOUR SUMMER and let me know what your plans are, tell me your bucket list additions below, I’d love to read what you would do!

Previous Summer Pictures

Love, Kristine xx

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