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What it was like being in quarantine.

Hey, welcome back!

(or, welcome if this is the first time you’re visit my blog)

Todays blog is another one about being in quarantine (and I promise I won’t be posting any more about my quarantine time).

When you’re reading this I’ll already be back home, with my family, which I’m so grateful that I was able to do during this time.

About 2 months ago, when this pandemic was slowly creeping up on us, I was told by my work that they have to cut down my hours for health and safety reasons, but at that point no-one really knew exactly what was gonna happen. A couple of days later I got a phone call saying they couldn’t put me on a shift for the next 2 months at least. Now, if you read my first blog post you already know that I had literally moved to Manchester for a job in February, and in March, when I finally found an apartment and moved in I was told I couldn’t work for the next few months. I then applied to be taken back home by the Cyprus government (through their site), because I would rather be with family than by myself during this time. So long story short I waited for about a month, and on the 25th of April I got a call from the airline confirming that they had a place available for a flight that was in the next three days (which I obviously took, and paid a ridiculous amount of money for, but at that point all I wanted to do was get home). Although I was going back home, everyone being brought back to Cyprus, had to first go through a two week quarantine in a hotel. So basically in this blog post I’ll try and take you through my experience as best as possible.

First of all coming off the flight we were all tested for the virus (mine came back negative btw), and then we got on a bus that took us to the hotel (I stayed at “Lordos Beach Hotel and Spa”, which is a lovely hotel). But let’s cut to the chase shall we?

Once I checked in, I obviously checked out the room I was gonna spend the next two weeks in. To my surprise the room was actually really nice (check out the gallery at the end of the blog for more pictures), and even had a nice view of the sea! (I wasn’t expecting much as this was not a holiday and they were just providing us with shelter for 2 weeks of quarantine). We were not allowed to leave that room, we could only open the door to leave any rubbish out and to collect the food that we were being delivered. On that note, let me talk about the food!

(Disclaimer: Any comments that might seem negative to you are not complains in any way, this is just my personal experience during quarantine. I was more than grateful to have the opportunity to return back home and be given such a nice living space for two weeks.)


I was quite concerned about the food, as I’m vegan I knew that I might come across a few difficulties, so I was clever enough to take some snacks with me just incase. The first two meals were not vegan (I didn’t complain for the first meal as I just got there and they wouldn’t have known). I did inform them at check in that I was vegan, but at breakfast the next day I still didn’t get anything I could eat, so I gave reception a call and asked again (that time it worked). They were kind enough to provide me with vegan meals for the rest of the stay there. With the exception of them putting non-vegan deserts on my tray every single time, and other than the fact that there were A LOT of repeated meals they did their best to cater for me. Again, I wasn’t expecting much as I know Cyprus is not very familiar with the term of veganism, but I didn’t go starving at any point which is what counts right?!

I could go on and on about food but moving on from that, you’d probably ask yourself: What do you do locked in a hotel room for two weeks? Not gonna lie some days were endless, as it got REALLY boring, but all in all time passed quicker than I was expecting.

Here’s a list of what I did to keep myself busy/ entertained:

  • I ACTUALLY WORKED-OUT! (who would’ve thought that it takes you being locked up in a room to convince yourself to to something good for your body?! - let’s see how long this lasts 😂)

  • I also got into a morning yoga routine (nothing too complicated just some stretching to get my body going, as I was sitting probably 90% of the time).

  • Meditation also helped a fair bit, it helped me keep a positive mindset, and really let go of any frustrations or stress.

  • A big portion of my time I spent on planning future blog posts

  • Netflix

  • YouTube

  • Talking with friends and family

  • and a bit of reading

At first I found it difficult to adjust to the fact that I couldn’t step out the door for the next two weeks. After laying around on the first day doing nothing at all, I decided to follow a rough routine each day: wake up, have 2-3 showers a day (no I’m not kidding, I was bored and didn’t know what else to do 😂), a 10-20 minute workout (let me tell you even the 10 minutes were a struggle for me but I still did it, that’s how bored I was), clean my room once a day (they very kindly gave us cleaning supplies, which I really appreciated), and of course eat. A routine actually helped a lot to make the days go by faster (there were obviously a couple of days I did absolutely nothing but most of the days were not that bad).

This kind of brings me to the end of my two weeks. We were dropped off, by bus, right in front of our houses, and that was it. All this time spent waiting to go back home is finally over, and I couldn’t be happier.

I hope everyone is keeping safe, let’s all hang in there, take this time for some self care and appreciate the good things in life. Soon this will be something we just look back upon.

Love, Kristine xx


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