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Updated: May 3, 2020

I like to call this:

"The Quarantine Bucket List!"

Hey, hope everyone is keeping safe. In the midst of this global pandemic, we're all called to

self-isolate, leaving millions of people scrambling to find things to do at home to keep themselves sane and entertained. It's a difficult time for the entire world, but we now have a golden opportunity to focus on ourselves and on each other and spend precious time with those who matter most (that being virtually or with the ones you're isolating with). Now I know staying in bed all day might be a simple solution, and it's something we'll all do at some point (already done that a couple of times not gonna lie), but unfortunately even during quarantine it wouldn't be the best choice. I'm sure self-quarantine wasn't on your bucket list but here are some activities to create your new "quarantine bucket list", to try and make time go by faster (honestly when I was planning this blog post I had so many ideas (maybe too many) that I couldn't keep up with my thoughts, so I'll do my best to keep this short). I hope you find some of these ideas useful.

1. Call your friends and family

Ask them how they're holding up, let them know they're not going through this alone, give them the support everyone needs at the moment. Do something to brighten up their day, you never know what's really going on in someones head, let them know you're there for them. Personally I've had a few ups and downs, unfortunately, I was self isolating by myself in the UK, but luckily was brought back home and now I'm in self quarantine in a hotel for two weeks before I'll be able to go back home to my family (by the time you read this I'll have one week left. Be sure to stay tuned, I'll be writing a blog post on what it was like being stuck in a hotel room for two weeks!). But all my friends and family have been nothing but supportive during this time and I couldn't thank them enough. So my point is, there's always someone who just needs a chat with a loved one.

2. Read more books

Remember those books you've always kept hidden in your bookshelf? (that probably also need a bit of dusting.. I'm not judging though, I got that stack too 🙄). But honestly get them out, it might take you some time to get into it because that's something you might have not been doing daily, but I promise you once you get the hang of it there's no stoping you!

3. Find a new hobby

Now you'd probably be wondering how the hell do you find a new hobby?! For me, it was a lot of trial and error (I even started learning TikTok dances...). Just start by doing things you would normally never think of doing and if you don't like it just move on until you find something you like! I was always scared of starting a blog, but now planning everything and writing up the posts (may I add with a lot of difficulty to not write a bloody book every time), I've come to realise I enjoy it massively, and it just makes time go by so quickly, as I'm doing something that I really enjoy.

This next point may not be for everyone, because most people just don't have the patience for it.

4. Bring out the puzzles

It's time to get that 1000 piece puzzle out that you never had time or the patience to finish.

5. Plan your next trip

Let's face it, this pandemic won't last forever. Plan your next trip, even if that is just a small road trip to the closest town, just to take that first step back into a normal life. If you're struggling to find some travel inspiration visit one of my favourite travel blogs to find some great tips and amazing inspiration - "Ready Set Vacayy".

6. Practice your cooking skills

Start practicing for that Masterchef title you always dreamed of, and take the time to make your food look #instagramable (there's definitely time for that now).

7. Go on your daily walk

Trust me that walk makes the difference. It really keeps you sane and helps you not go crazy sitting at home all day (learnt that the hard way).

On that note:

8. At - home - workouts

This is the time to finally start working on our summer bodies, there's no excuse now! (I've already started convincing myself 3 times to start... it's going great...🙃)

9. Plan a game night

If you're quarantined with others, now's the time to get out those board games that have been collecting dust in the cupboards for god knows how long. If you're in quarantine by yourself and miss your friends and family, arrange a virtual game night (Zoom app is a great way to connect with your loved ones), get those quiz games out, or even create one yourself, put your competitive hat on and get everyone involved for a fun filled virtual get-together.

10. Pamper time

Face masks, bubble baths, manicure/pedicure, all the shenanigans! Maybe even pour yourself a glass of wine or two... no-one's counting so let yourself go a little crazy. 😉

11. Spring cleaning

This is pretty much self explanatory, but do it even if you can't be bothered. Declutter and give your living space a spring clean. It just makes you feel 100 times better once you're done.

12. #Throwback time

Bring out those old photo albums you haven't looked at in a while and go ahead and laugh at your baby pictures (everyone has those embarrassing baby photos, there's no denying it - thanks parents 😂).

One of my favourite points (which I didn't even know was a thing until recently).

13. Host a Netflix Watch Party

Yes you heard right. I've linked the site so you can go and invite your friends to watch a movie together on Netflix, and you can even comment during the movie so they can all know what you think about the scene that's playing. How cool is that?!

14. Picnic/Cocktail party

Get everyone involved in the house. Grab some snacks, make yourselves some yummy cocktails, put some music on and have your own small party. You could even throw in some party games if you fancy. (this also works virtually)

15. Baking

Get out those recipe books, or go on Pinterest, find a recipe you fancy and improve your baking skills! If it doesn't work the first time try again, and if that still doesn't work don't give up, give it another go (at least that's what my sister keeps doing, even after burning a cake and cookies... but I still love her for not giving up, it's the effort that counts I guess 😂).


Have you even done quarantine right if you haven't attempted the bellow at least once??

- Dalgona Coffee, otherwise known as whipped coffee, otherwise known as the best coffee invented (yes I am very basic, get over it haha, click here for the recipe - cinnamon is optional, and if you're using plant-based milk I recommend oat milk, it's the best!)

- Homemade bread


- Banana bread (Shocker! My instagram feed is literally full of these 😂)

If you haven't tried these, what are you even doing with your life? No, but seriously these seem to be the go-to quarantine activities!

That sums up some of the things I thought of. If you have any other recommendations feel free to contact me or even leave a comment on this blog for others to read too.

Thanks again for reading this far!

Love, Kristine xx

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